S-10 Roundup


George Washington National Forest

Date: September 16-18, 2005
Yep, we're doing it again!

Note that we have moved a little further south this year in the vicinity of Stuart's Draft VA.

For your info, there are other S-10 events scheduled already.

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The S-10 Roundup in George Washington National Forest  is for S-10s, S-15s, Sonomas, S-10 Blazers, S-15 Jimmys, ZR2s, BlaZeRs, and Highriders. Click on any picture for a larger view.

Shoe Creek Trail and Big Levels/Bald Mountain. This is closer to Stuarts Draft VA and is further south in the George Washington NF. Camping here would be in a privately owned campground. Only certain of these two trails. Both are open at each end and can also be run in reverse direction.

Shoe Creek runs alongside and crosses Shoe Creek. It crosses the Appalachian Trail and ends near Crabtree Falls. To see the falls is a hike of about a mile. Very pretty scenery. Some challenge for a stock vehicle but doable. This trail ends on a paved road which can be used to access the second trail.
Big Levels/Bald Mountain. A bit more challenging but still doable in a stock vehicle. More rocks and climbs on this one. Ends at Blue Ridge Parkway adjacent to a wilderness area.
There may be other trails that are worth riding in the area but haven't scouted them out yet.

Crabtree Falls Campground
30 campsites, some of the sites are walk to sites that are right on the Tye River. While others are on the upper level for those who would prefer to park by their site. 4 Camping Cabins that overlook the Tye River with a picnic table and fire pit out front near the river. Each site has a picnic table and a fire pit. Bathhouse has hot showers, flush toilets (paper is provided) and running hot and cold water. The bathhouse is heated in the winter. The playground is equipped with swings, a fireman's pole, monkey bars, a tire swing, a look out tower, a miniature log cabin, a covered wagon, a large pipe to crawl through and rocks to explore on. Camp sites are $20. For 2 adults and their children. Cabins are $50/ per night.

Vicinity: Nelson County
Directions:  On the Tye River near Crabtree Falls.
Address: 11039 Crabtree Falls Highway
Tyro, VA 22976-2026
Phone (540) 377-2066

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For your info, there are other S-10 events scheduled already.

Click here for some of them.

God Bless America!

~KH, Aug 15 2005